Environmental Compliance

Compliance support for mining operations, from feasibility through closure


Mines are subject to a range of environmental regulations that require monitoring and data management. M&A offers a range of solutions that focus on simplifying the process of meeting compliance and reporting obligations. We also have tools for optimizing data collection efforts to ensure that clients are allocating resources as cost-effectively as possible.

M&A also provides support for…

  • Aquifer protection — specifically, characterization, monitoring, and hydrogeologic report preparation for submittal to regulatory agencies. We have extensive experience helping clients meet the requirements of Arizona’s Aquifer Protection Permit (APP) Program.
  • Mine closure, from the both regulatory compliance and remediation perspectives. We can also predict post-closure conditions — including the formation and passive containment of pit lakes.


  • Characterizing hydrogeologic and water quality conditions
  • Identifying regulatory requirements and options for obtaining permits and approvals; designing / administering programs to satisfy permitting requirements
  • Designing monitoring programs and data-acquisition systems
  • Relaying monitoring data to users in real time using telemetry systems
  • Developing graphical data presentations and reports in printed, electronic, or web formats
  • Preparing compliance documents, permit applications, and supporting documents
  • Training mine staff in compliance activities