August 22, 2014

Category: News

The annual symposium of the Arizona Hydrological Society is fast approaching, and M&A staff members are gearing up to present talks on some of their recent work.

Edwin McGavock is scheduled to give two talks: “The Padre Canyon Evaporites, Coconino County, Arizona,” and “The Role of the Verde Formation in Contributing Baseflow to the Verde River — A Contrary View.”

Gary Woodard and Megan Zivic will be participating in the technical session entitled “Causes & Consequences of Declining Municipal Demand.” Gary organized this session and will be presenting on “Patterns and Trends in Municipal Water Demand: Impacts of Changing Tastes, Technologies, and Demographics.” Megan’s talk is entitled “Improved Demand Forecasts through Dynamic Simulation Modeling: The Power of Dashboards, Scenarios, and Monte Carlo Methods.”

Finally, Andrew Scott will be presenting a talk on “Technical, Permitting, and Legal Aspects of Replacement Wells in Arizona’s Active Management Areas.”

The 27th annual AHS symposium will be held from September 13–16 at the Prescott Resort and Conference Center. AHS will be teaming with AIPG for this event. This year’s theme is “Water and Rocks: The Foundations of Life.” For more information, visit the symposium web site.


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