Mark M. Cross, P.G., C.Hg., Principal Hydrogeologist

areas of specialization artificial recharge investigations, groundwater flow modeling, well hydraulics, and analysis of groundwater/surface water interactions, litigation support

Mark Cross brings a wealth of expertise to his projects — particularly managed aquifer recharge (MAR) investigations, where he uses not only his technical skills but also his extensive experience in regulatory permitting and planning. He has led dozens of recharge feasibility assessments, successfully supervising, siting, designing, and implementing comprehensive programs. Among these investigations is a conceptual design for MAR facilities that will facilitate the indirect potable reuse of recycled water. In addition, he has developed conceptual and analytical models and provided oversight for numerical groundwater flow models for MAR and other projects. His recharge expertise has also become increasingly valuable to M&A’s water planning services; he recently managed a consulting team for a study that entailed developing a water supply inventory, valuing and ranking water assets, and preparing a water acquisition strategy and plan.

Mark’s other experience includes demonstrating 100-year Assured Water Supplies for existing and planned Arizona communities and assessing the feasibility of dewatering operations for mines.