Groundwater Remediation

Technical and strategic planning for groundwater remedies


M&A has experience developing optimal remediation strategies — pump-and-treat, soil-vapor extraction, and in situ chemical and biological — to address subsurface contamination at industrial and mine sites, including Superfund sites. We often team with engineering firms to remediate contaminants such as industrial solvents, fuel hydrocarbons, perchlorate, nitrate, metals, sulfate, arsenic, and chromium. A key component of this work is developing numerical models to evaluate and optimize remedial strategies, which helps clients manage the costs and risk associated with long-term remedies. M&A has effectively applied chemical and biological approaches to localized contaminant source areas to increase mass removal and decrease remediation time.


  • Projecting contaminant migration and cleanup over time in soil and groundwater
  • Evaluating the hydraulic capture of groundwater remediation wellfields
  • Designing and constructing monitoring, extraction, and injection wells
  • Formulating cleanup alternatives to comply with federal and state regulations
  • Guiding the remedy selection process and evaluating ongoing operations to develop optimization strategies
  • Preparing regulatory reports (feasibility study, remedial action, corrective action, and 5-Year Review)