Staffan Schorr

Principal Hydrogeologist
Analytical Technology Manager

Areas of Specialization

Groundwater Modeling

GIS Applications

3D Data Modeling/Visualization

Watershed Planning

Staffan Schorr applies his background in numerical and analytical groundwater flow modeling to a variety of M&A projects to simulate the effects of mine dewatering, managed aquifer recharge and recovery, and long-term pumping. He has extensive experience using GIS methods to develop numerical model inputs, display model results, and develop geospatial databases for conceptual hydrogeologic models. He also manages M&A’s 3D modeling services, and specializes in the use of Leapfrog software to develop volumetric geologic and geochemical interpolation models. Recently, Staffan has worked on projects in Texas related to the desalination and conjunctive use of regional water supplies. His other interests include characterizing the interactions between groundwater and surface water along riparian corridors.

Prior to joining M&A, Staffan worked for eight years in watershed planning at Pima Association of Governments, a regional agency that facilitates coordination among local jurisdictions.

Staffan Schorr

At A Glance

Experience since 1999

M.S., Hydrology
University of Arizona

B.S., Geology
University of Arizona

Hydro Notes / Media / Community Involvement

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