Greg Nelson, P.G.

Senior Hydrogeologist

Areas of Specialization

Groundwater Flow Modeling

Hydrologic Simulations

Groundwater/Surface Water Interactions

Hydrologic Monitoring Networks

Greg Nelson brings to M&A an extensive background in groundwater modeling. His work has included development of hydrogeological conceptual models, analytical models, numerical models, flow and transport models, and model calibration. In addition to modeling work, Greg has experience with project management, resource allocation, workflow management, and senior review of technical reports. He has various software experience including MODFLOW_USG, Groundwater Vistas, Grapher, Matlab, and Leapfrog, to name a few.

A registered professional geologist, Greg is fluent in Spanish, and is a member of the National Ground Water Association and Nevada Water Resources Association.

Greg Nelson

At A Glance

Experience since 2003

M.S., Geophysics,
Hydrogeology focus

Boise State University

B.S., Geophysical Engineering
Colorado School of Mines