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Dr. Errol “Monte” Montgomery, M&A’s founder, continues to be one of the most respected and recognized experts in the Arizona hydrogeology community. His many honors include a Fulbright Fellowship (1978), a National Defense Act Fellowship (1968–1970), and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Arizona Hydrological Society (2001). A former professor of geology at Northern Arizona University, he has published more than 45 technical papers and consulted extensively on hydrogeologic issues in the U.S., Latin America, and Europe. In addition to M&A’s domestic offices, Monte founded Errol L. Montgomery & Associates, Ltda., in Santiago, Chile.

Dr. Montgomery’s long career touches on nearly all aspects of the water resources industry. He has led many successful groundwater exploration investigations, recharge projects, modeling efforts, and remediation programs. He has also developed numerous new groundwater supplies based on technically sound management strategies, applying geophysical and other nontraditional methods when appropriate. As a leading authority in the field, he often provides litigation support and technical review services for water rights and environmental projects. Dr. Montgomery also enjoys supporting organizations and educational institutions that promote the use of effective techniques for acquiring, analyzing, and communicating hydrogeologic information.

Errol Montgomery

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Experience since 1968

Ph.D., Hydrogeology & Geophysics
University of Arizona

M.S., Hydrogeology
University of Arizona

B.S., Geology
Oregon State University