Mine Water Supply

Water supplies to meet the needs of mining operations


Developing water supplies for mines — which are often located in remote, arid, and/or hydrogeologically complex areas — can be challenging. In addition, pumping for mine water supply or dewatering operations can impact nearby water resources and environments in ways that are unacceptable or cannot be mitigated. M&A applies decades of hydrogeologic experience to develop water supplies for mining operations. We provide not only technical but also planning support, evaluating all options to identify the most reliable, institutionally viable, and environmentally acceptable water supply alternative. When warranted, we also assess the feasibility of mitigation actions such as using artificial recharge to replace water withdrawn for mining supplies.


  • Characterizing groundwater quantity and quality conditions to identify appropriate water supply sources
  • Conducting reconnaissance-level investigations
  • Designing and supervising the construction of exploration, monitoring, and production wells
  • Projecting the effects of withdrawals and climate change on water resources
  • Optimizing wellfield operations
  • Monitoring the effects of mining operations on water levels and water quality