This optimization project involved rehabilitating, repairing, and/or replacing 14 wells based on analysis of performance data. We developed a modeling tool to help operators prioritize maintenance and project future output under various climate regimes.

Freeport-McMoRan Bagdad, Inc.

Location: Yavapai & Mohave Counties, Arizona
M&A optimizes pumping regimes at a major industrial wellfield to maximize output, performance, and efficiency.


Located in the Big Sandy Valley, the Wikieup wellfield serves as the principal water supply for the Bagdad Mine. It consists of more than 25 wells that produce water from multiple aquifers. Because many of the wells are completed in shallow floodplain alluvium where saturated thickness is limited, aquifer conditions and hydraulic efficiency must be carefully monitored to ensure reliable output.


  • Compiled historical data for each production well
  • Conducted short-term well performance tests and compared the results with historical data to prioritize well rehabilitation or replacement
  • Designed and coordinated the rehabilitation and repair for four wells
  • Designed and supervised the installation of 10 replacement wells
  • Developed a GoldSim model that incorporated hydraulic parameters, pump curves, and water levels for each well