M&A was hired by an energy company to identify a water supply for a proposed green hydrogen facility. We studied the hydrogeology of the underlying aquifer and evaluated water supplies that are physically and legally available in sufficient quantities.

Power & Energy Client

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Based on existing hydrogeologic data, we identified favorable locations on the project site for developing a long-term reliable groundwater supply.


Hydrogen production at a solar-powered green hydrogen generating facility is projected to be 120 metric tons per day. To meet projected water demands, the facility will need a long-term reliable water supply of 780 acre-feet per year.


Water Supply & Recharge

  • Compiled and analyzed existing hydrogeologic data
  • Assessed hydrogeologic conditions and potential for development of needed groundwater supply
  • Inspected existing well and sampled for water quality analysis

Water Policy & Water Rights

  • Assessed potential alternatives to local groundwater supply, including imported groundwater, long-term storage credits, Colorado River water, effluent, and storm water
  • Assessed legal and regulatory constraints for potential water sources
  • Compared potential alternatives in terms of cost and ease of water rights acquisition, need for wheeling contract with CAP, infrastructure, and long-term reliability

Groundwater Modeling

  • Estimated aquifer hydraulic properties based on well-specific capacity data and lithologic data
  • Conducted analytical modeling using AQTESOLV to project drawdown and sustainable pumping rate with image wells to represent negative boundaries
  • Adjusted projected drawdown for water table conditions, cyclical pumping, and well efficiency
  • Used model results for preliminary assessment of water supply

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