October 2, 2009

Category: News

M&A’s Mike Rosko and Janis Blainer-Fleming will present a paper at the upcoming 2009 Applications of Computers and Operations Research (APCOM) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, from October 6–9. The 34th APCOM is a major forum for mining professionals, researchers, and suppliers worldwide. Organized by the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy, and Petroleum, APCOM 2009 will focus on knowledge management systems, operations research, automation, robotics, virtual reality, and modeling for different areas of the mining process. In addition to supporting the conference as a bronze sponsor, M&A is providing a student host sponsorship. Rosko and Blainer-Fleming will present a paper entitled “Improvements in Use of Satellite Images for Monitoring Changes in Hydro-Environmental Conditions.”

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