July 11, 2018

Category: News

M&A is pleased to announce that we have acquired HydroMetrics Water Resources Inc. (HydroMetrics), a northern California-based water resource consulting firm with specialized expertise in developing, protecting and managing groundwater resources. The acquisition, effective June 30, 2018, expands California operations from our Sacramento office to add offices in Oakland and Paso Robles.

Our companies are both recognized for technical expertise in groundwater management and for developing integrated solutions to solve water resource problems. We have partnered successfully to provide consulting services on projects in the Salinas Valley and Santa Cruz areas, demonstrating our ability to operate as an effective team. By combining our resources and talents, we have both enhanced our ability to provide services to clients complying with California’s 2014 Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) and solidified the core services we have provided for decades to our client base across the western U.S. and Latin America.

“Early in our exploration of SGMA, we reached out to HydroMetrics because we knew co-owner Derrik Williams and respected their work. Derrik helped us understand the opportunities and challenges ahead in California. Together, we saw opportunities to partner on projects and soon recognized a synergy between our company cultures and expertise,” said Tim Leo, M&A Vice President. “We’re grateful to Derrik and co-owner Cameron Tana for their support in bringing our companies together. We’re excited to welcome Derrik, Cameron and their entire team to M&A.”

“While partnering on a number of projects, I’ve been impressed with M&A’s deep bench of groundwater experts. In the short term, this acquisition immediately expands our capacity on SGMA projects.  In the long term, it enhances the services we provide our clients and the career path opportunities available to our employees” said Derrik Williams, HydroMetrics President. “I’ve known M&A principals for more than 30 years, so I trust that our clients and employees will continue to be well served by an organization that shares our commitment to technical proficiency, professionalism and integrity.”

HydroMetrics, recognized as an industry leader in water resource consulting in California, has developed a loyal clientele by providing high-quality hydrogeologic and integrated groundwater management services. Their work has informed effective policies to achieve and maintain sustainable groundwater resources.

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