At M&A, our mission is to promote a fulfilling and respectful work culture where employees collaborate to deliver pragmatic water resource solutions grounded in the principles of integrity, scientific rigor, and environmental responsibility. We are independently owned by practicing scientists who are committed to these values and to supporting our community partners.

Company Culture

Since 1984, M&A has built a reputation for doing exceptional work and fostering a strong company culture. As a company and individually, we value excellence, integrity, mentorship, community, mutual respect, and work/life balance. We care about our work, our clients, our communities, and about each other. M&A professionals are dedicated to high-quality science and work together in a supportive, open environment that encourages the exchange of ideas. This combination of a motivated team and a collaborative atmosphere is the foundation of our success. Our positive culture is evident in our long-standing client relationships and notable employee retention; many clients and employees have worked with us for decades.

Here’s what some of our staff members have to say about M&A culture:

Management prioritizes treating staff well and doing a great job, so clients want to continue to work with us.
Georgina King, P.G., C.Hg., Oakland

I like working with diverse colleagues in different offices around the world.

Michael Levengood, Tucson

Everyone pulls their weight and tries their best to problem solve. Even with that drive, the company still values flexibility and work-life balance.

Ben Krisanto Paras, Tucson

What’s so satisfying about my job is that I am making a difference while working with an exceptional team of dedicated staff.

Lisa Porta, P.E., Sacramento

We work hard to continue some of our traditions, and we celebrate special events in each other’s lives. M&A is my second family.

Cynthia Stefan, Tucson

M&A is a company that values its employees and values quality work. There’s a professional character here that I had not seen before.

Manuel Merino, Santiago