Jeffrey J. Meyer, Principal Hydrologist

areas of specialization managed aquifer recharge (MAR), vadose zone characterization and modeling, environmental assessment and remediation

Jeff’s background in vadose zone hydrology and soil science has been indispensable to a wide array of managed aquifer recharge investigations, environmental assessments, and mine tailings studies since he joined M&A in 1988. He has managed or led technical investigations more than 35 recharge projects to site facilities, assess hydrologic feasibility, and support regulatory permitting and facility design.

His expertise includes evaluating the physical and hydraulic properties of soils using a range of field instrumentation and testing techniques. In addition to vadose zone characterization programs, he has designed and implemented soil vapor monitoring systems to evaluate contaminant distributions and provide data for optimizing remediation strategies. He has also modeled vadose zone conditions to project impacts to groundwater. Jeff has worked on several Superfund sites, interfacing with regulators and providing technical support for vadose zone remediation systems.