Hale W. Barter, Principal Groundwater Hydrologist
President / Tucson Operations Manager

areas of specialization mine dewatering and water supply development, managed aquifer recharge (MAR) investigations, and groundwater flow and solute-transport modeling

Hale Barter became president of M&A in 2018 and served as the CFO for the preceding 10 years. He joined M&A in 1994 and has been consulting since 1988.

In addition to his management role, Hale’s career has included overseeing, designing, and implementing groundwater flow and transport models to support a variety of projects. A substantial focus of his work has entailed characterizing and modeling fractured bedrock and basin-fill aquifer systems for mining clients in the United States and South America. He has extensive experience developing models to support mining EIS and permitting studies, hydrogeologic feasibility investigations, and groundwater supply and impacts management.

Another area of focus includes MAR; Hale has developed numerous predictive models to assess the feasibility of storing treated effluent or surface water in aquifers and then withdrawing it for future use. In addition, he has also applied his modeling and analytical skills to support large-scale groundwater management efforts and to address environmental problems such as optimizing cleanup strategies or assessing the feasibility of proposed remedial actions.

Hydro Note

M&A plays significant role in MAR