Dennis Hall, P.G.

Principal Hydrogeologist

Areas of Specialization

Water Supply Development

Environmental Assessment

Remedial Investigation

Dennis Hall has experience managing a large range of projects, providing senior technical oversight, and negotiating with state and federal agencies on behalf of clients. Once employed in the oil industry, Dennis now uses his experience analyzing geologic and geophysical data to characterize aquifer systems. Since joining M&A in 1987, he has sited, designed, installed, and tested numerous water supply and monitoring wells for a variety of projects, including assured water supply studies, large-scale exploration programs, and hydraulic analyses to optimize pumping regimes for wellfields.

His work on environmental projects has entailed designing remedial investigations and implementing remedial actions. Among these projects, the Hassayampa Landfill Superfund site is an example where Dennis provided long-term support to develop and implement remedial actions to address soil and groundwater contamination. He has also supported energy-sector clients in meeting the requirements of Arizona’s Aquifer Protection Permits (APPs).

Dennis Hall

At A Glance

Experience since 1979

M.S., Geosciences
University of Arizona

B.S., Geology
Northern Arizona University

B.S., Physics
Northern Arizona University