Integrating brackish, poor-quality, and recycled water resources into supply portfolios

Due to the scarcity of fresh water, alternative water supplies such as brackish or poor-quality groundwater, saline surface waters, and recycled water may be viable options to enhance water supply portfolios. M&A hydrogeologists characterize water sources to help clients meet the quantity and quality requirements of their projects. Applications for alternative water supplies may include agricultural, industrial, or projects that support the green economy, such as green hydrogen and carbon capture. In some cases, brackish, saline, and recycled water can be treated or blended with higher quality water to augment drinking water supplies.


  • Identifying usable brackish and poor-quality groundwater supplies
  • Characterizing aquifer properties to estimate well production and sustainable yield
  • Investigating groundwater quality conditions and trends
  • Supporting the planning, design, and permitting of recycled water for water portfolios and groundwater replenishment
  • Designing wells, wellfields, and subsurface intakes to optimize water quality and quantity
  • Providing permitting support for brine disposal

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