Junio 10, 2024

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Abby Ostovar, Ph.D., water policy specialist and Lisa Porta, P.E., principal water resources engineer and California water strategy lead, are attending The 3rd International Conference – Toward Sustainable Groundwater in Agriculture: Linking Science and Policy organized by University of California Davis and the Water Education Foundation, June 17-20 in San Francisco (Burlingame), California.

The conference brings together leading scientists, policy analysts, policy and decision makers, and agricultural and environmental interest group representatives from around the world to define and highlight the science of and the challenges in groundwater resources management and groundwater quality protection within and related to agricultural landscapes.

Lisa, a member of the event’s scientific program council, will moderate the opening panel, “Plenary Session: Success Stories (in Groundwater Management),” on Tuesday, June 18, and the Nitrate Policy Roundtable on Wednesday, June 19.

Abby and Lisa are also each presenting some of their recent work. Abby will present Thursday, June 20, on Harnessing Science-based Collaborative Groundwater Management: Case Study of the Salinas Valley, CA in the session Groundwater Governance: Participatory Approaches; and Lisa will co-present with Craig Riddle from the California Rice Commission Tuesday, June 18, on Approaches to Groundwater Quality Management for Sustainable Rice Farming in California’s Sacramento Valley in the session Best Practices to Improve Groundwater Quality.

Abby and Lisa look forward to learning more about groundwater management in agricultural settings in other parts of the country and abroad, and sharing their lessons learned from working on SGMA and the Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program over the past 2 decades.

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Abby Ostovar, Ph.D.

Lisa Porta, P.E.


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