Abril 23, 2024

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Montgomery & Associates (M&A) recently celebrated its 40el anniversary, honoring retirees Todd Keay, 38 years, and Barbara Timmons, 21 years, as well as employees who have reached milestones of 1, 5, 10, and up to 35 years. The significance of this inaugural Years of Service Recognition program is to celebrate employees who helped build the company and also those who will carry it into the future. Each honoree recognized for years of service was given a handcrafted wooden block bearing the M&A logo and the appropriate milestone number of years. The block sits on a wooden tray where employees can accumulate their years of service blocks awarded at future celebrations.

The honorees, pictured from left, are: Front row: Nicolás Iturra, Santiago, 1 year; Felicia Aalberg, Tucson, 1 year; hanni haynes, Sacramento, 1 year; Natalie Speaks, Reno, 5 years; Tracie Jaeger, Tucson, 20 years; cinthia esteban, Tucson, 30 years; Vanessa Fernandes, Tucson, 1 year; Pascual Benito, Oakland, 5 years; José Ferretti, Salta, 5 years;  Second row: Felipe Kopplin, Santiago, 5 years; Patrick Wickham, Oakland, 5 years; Lisa Porta, Sacramento, 5 years; amanda rayo, Phoenix, 1 year; Breanna Clabourne, Tucson, 1 year; Caryn Fogel, Tucson, 5 years; Rachel Spinti, Tucson, 1 year; rey georgina, Oakland, 15 years; Kendra Fiscelli, Tucson, 1 year; Victoria Hermosilla, Tucson, 5 years;  Third row: Jennifer Kreutzer, Tucson, 1 year; Antonio Verde, Tucson, 1 year; manuel merino, Santiago, 10 years; Ryan Johnson, Tucson, 15 years; Barbara Timmons, Tucson, 20 years; Chelsey Gallagher, Phoenix, 1 year; ellie colina, Tucson, 1 year; Tim Bayley, Tucson, 15 years; Michael Levengood, Tucson, 5 years; Scott Goldfarb, Reno, 1 year; Guy Wall, Reno, 1 year; John Petti, Tucson, 15 years; Back row: Mike Rosko, Tucson, 35 years; Derek Groenendyk, Tucson, 5 years; jeff meyer, Tucson, 35 years; Jay Thomas, Tucson, 1 year; Frank Demer, Tucson, 1 year; John Laney, Sacramento, 15 years; Justan Bell, Tucson, 10 years; Tim Leo, Tucson, 15 years; Not pictured but also celebrating years of service are: Tim Dooley, Oakland, 1 year; Cara Tamcke, Tucson, 1 year; Hector Venegas-Quinones, Tucson, 1 year; Tristan Dicke, Phoenix, 1 year; Jon Reeves, Tucson, 5 years; Leilani Bew, Tucson, 35 years; Mark Cross, Tucson, 35 years; Dennis Hall, Phoenix, 35 years

Barbara Timmons and Todd Keay show off their retirement gifts.

The old M&A logo made a comeback on the cake!




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