Adjudication & Water Rights

Technical and policy guidance for settlement negotiations and legal proceedings


Working directly with negotiating parties or through legal counsel, we provide a sound foundation that improves the efficiency and outcome of legal or transactional negotiations. M&A has nearly 30 years of experience providing support for stream adjudication proceedings, evaluating the distinction between surface water, subflow, and groundwater. We characterize the complex hydrologic interactions between groundwater and surface water using specialized modeling, data analysis, and monitoring tools. In supporting water rights negotiations, we consider the potential future availability and value of resources to assess the economic implications of outcomes.


  • Evaluating the legal distinction between surface water and groundwater
  • Assessing historical or planned pumping in relationship to principles established by state or other legal jurisdictions
  • Assessing the technical basis for — and economic costs associated with — resource damages or claims
  • Evaluating water resources to identify risks and opportunities associated with existing or potential water rights claims
  • Providing expert testimony for stream adjudications and other water rights disputes