Water Policy & Economics

Quantifying market and policy impacts to support sound decision-making

M&A professionals have expertise in water policy and economics across the western United States. We work with clients to develop reliable, affordable water resource portfolios that are aligned with their goals in the public, environmental, tribal and agricultural water sectors. Our services typically entail evaluating an entity’s specific water supply needs by considering current and expected water costs and regulations, as well as the physical availability of supplies. M&A offers guidance on factors that impact the value of various water assets in support of water rights transactions, often in conjunction with firms that specialize in water resource economics.

Services include:

  • Developing water supply portfolios on the basis of legal, physical and economic factors
  • Evaluating the current framework and impacts of regulatory and legal changes on access to water supplies in the western United States, including groundwater and Colorado River supplies
  • Preparing decision making tools for a variety of audiences to support regional planning