Groundwater Modeling

Quantitative solutions for water supply, recharge, mining, and environmental projects


M&A offers one of the largest, most experienced hydrologic modeling teams in the Southwestern U.S. We employ a dozen professionals who are proficient in a variety groundwater flow and contaminant transport models for both saturated and unsaturated media, including MODFLOW, MODFLOW-SURFACT, MODFLOW-USG, FEFLOW, MT3D, and PEST.

The results of our groundwater models can be integrated with decision support models to further quantify uncertainties and analyze cost-benefit scenarios. In addition, we often use 3D geologic models (such as Leapfrog) to develop input and present results in a way that is accessible to project stakeholders.

Mining Applications

  • Assess dewatering requirements
  • Analyze pumping impacts
  • Project pore-pressure distributions for geotechnical design
  • Evaluate pit-lake development
  • Capture impacted tailings water seepage
  • Evaluate the feasibility of lithium recovery from brine aquifers

Environmental Applications

  • Support remediation activities for contaminated soil and groundwater
  • Assess exposure risks associated with uncontrolled contamination
  • Allocate remediation costs for litigations or mediations

Water Supply & Recharge Applications

  • Estimate available water supplies
  • Optimize wellfield pumping regimes
  • Predict the impacts of pumping
  • Assess the feasibility of Managed Aquifer Recharge projects
  • Design recharge facilities and recovery wellfields
  • Predict the impacts of recharge operations on groundwater levels and quality
  • Satisfy permitting requirements
  • Project impact of climate change