Web Hosting & User Interfaces

Easily transitioning your data from the field to your screen

M&A creates custom web portals that provide a front-end interface for users to access and visualize their data. Data collected by our field teams, and stored in our HydroSQL and EnviroSQL platforms are directly connected to our M&A DMS web portal and can be graphed, mapped, and tabulated with ease. The seamless transition of our data from field collection to visualization provides unprecedented client visibility into project progress and gives clients the power to make data driven decisions about their water resource and environmental issues. In addition, our web portals can serve as a repository for project documents, providing a single location for all project hydrologic information. Our services include:

  • Constructing web maps and online data visualization applications
  • Developing custom GIS interface tools using ESRI’s ArcGIS software, SQL Server databases and SQL programming, and a variety of other programming applications
  • Developing online portals that allow clients to upload and view documents, query and download data, and explore web maps and time-series charts

To view an example public web map from the M&A DMS, visit https://svbgsa.org/gsp-web-map-and-data/, click the “Salinas Valley GSP Web Map” link, and log in with the specified credentials.