Water Supply & Recharge Investigations for the Willow Springs Ranch

M&A obtained a determination of Assured Water Supply from the Arizona Department of Water Resources and helped design and permit an in-channel recharge project.


Willow Springs Ranch, a master-planned community, is located about 12 miles north of Oracle Junction. Because of the local housing market conditions, this development has not yet been constructed. Once the community is developed, water demands will be met using two sources: groundwater from the underlying basin-fill deposits and treated effluent from a wastewater reclamation facility. Effluent will be discharged to Suffering Wash, where it will recharge the regional aquifer system as flows infiltrate into the channel bed. The discharge rate could exceed 1 million gallons per day (MGD) at full build-out.


M&A provided support for both the water supply and effluent recharge components of this project. Our services included:

  • Characterizing the regional hydrogeologic conditions based on existing data; drilling, testing, and trenching programs; and the results of a gravity survey to estimate the thickness of the basin-fill deposits
  • Quantifying future water demands for the development as well as current and committed demands for surrounding areas
  • Preparing plans for water supply and recharge facilities
  • Preparing an application for an Analysis of Assured Water Supply
  • Developing a groundwater flow model to project long-term drawdown impacts from proposed withdrawals as well as the extent of effluent migration in the aquifer from the proposed recharge operations
  • Evaluating the potential for unreasonable harm to existing land and water uses
  • Preparing a hydrologic report for an Aquifer Protection Permit application, along with monitoring and contingency plans