M&A helped this tribe optimize the reliability of its future water supply and prepare for shortage on the Colorado River.

Tribal Nation

Location: Confidential
M&A recommended mechanisms for securing supplemental water supplies and helped the Tribe implement this strategy, which required agreements for the acquisition, underground storage, and future recovery and exchange of Central Arizona Project water.


M&A was retained to help a tribal nation evaluate its potential water resource portfolio and identify ways to optimize its water supply reliability. We also supported the tribe as part of the federal water rights settlement negotiations.


  • Evaluating the tribe’s current water portfolio and potentially available resources for quality, reliability, and availability
  • Quantifying the economic- and policy-related tradeoffs associated with each portfolio component
  • Constructing an economic optimization model to test the reliability and cost of various resource-acquisition scenarios
  • Providing expert advice to the tribal negotiating team on the economic, policy, and institutional factors affecting the tribe’s water-resource interests
  • Preparing briefing papers on key settlement-related water issues and working with a technical/financial subgroup to develop maps, white papers, and factual evaluations for the negotiating team