Water-Demand Budgeting for a New Development

We conducted detailed water-demand budgeting for a large, master-planned community that includes a range of land uses. Construction of the development and water supply infrastructure is now underway as a result of our work.


The Coyote Springs development, located in the Las Vegas area, will feature residential, recreational, and commercial uses. The developer required support for litigation concerning the community’s projected water demand.


M&A developed a demand-calculator model that captures the interactions between population, residency, density, and other factors. The model features a dashboard that allows users to select and define scenarios and graphically view results. It estimates both indoor and outdoor water demand and accomplishes the following:

  • Matches the seasonal supply of on-site reclaimed water with the seasonal irrigation demand for golf courses and parks
  • Disaggregates demand by housing type and density, across commercial and recreational land uses
  • Considers the impacts of advanced conservation and water-efficiency measures

We also reviewed opposing counsel’s water-demand analysis and participated in depositions.