Compliance Investigations for a Former Uranium Mine

M&A’s hydrogeologic investigation for this former uranium mine featured several key components: probabilistic modeling to design a field program; a comprehensive, two-phase field program; and monitoring. The results substantially advanced the project toward the client’s goal of renewing a radioactive materials license.


The Lisbon Mine is a former uranium mine site near La Sal, Utah. This client was looking to re-establish compliance with its radioactive materials license.


Permitting & Compliance

  • Evaluated reports, data, and conceptual models to determine the best approach for addressing compliance issues at the site
  • Identified data gaps and designed a field investigation to address them
  • Coordinated with the BLM on a NEPA environmental assessment for the field program
  • Constructed, slug tested, and sampled 25 new monitoring wells
  • Developed a database to manage historic and new groundwater data
  • Managed a groundwater monitoring program that included periodic sampling and annual reporting
  • Recommended a new groundwater compliance program

Decision Support Modeling

  • Evaluated a flow-and-transport model to determine its adequacy for further use
  • Developed a probabilistic groundwater model (using MODFLOW and MT3D) to identify compliance concentrations and design a field program and new compliance monitoring wells
  • Developed in-house data-processing tools using MATLAB to facilitate the evaluation of the probabilistic modeling results