William R. Victor, P.G., Principal Hydrogeologist

areas of specialization environmental assessment and remediation, hydrogeologic characterization, mining hydrogeology, groundwater development, litigation support

During a career that spans more than 30 years, Bill Victor has consulted on numerous diverse projects, including many high-profile Superfund investigations, water adequacy evaluations, EIS studies, and mining-related hydrogeologic assessments. In addition to managing and overseeing all aspects of these large-scale projects, he routinely provides expert testimony and interfaces with regulatory agencies and stakeholder groups. He has extensive experience designing wells and wellfields, both in the Southwest and in Chile, for a variety of applications.

Awards / Accomplishments

A prequalified consultant under the Arizona UST State Assurance Fund Program, Bill wrote parts of ADEQ’s Arsenic Master Plan and worked with various state-level task forces to develop more meaningful standards and better investigative procedures. As a member of the Well Construction Regulations Committee, he reviewed and revised regulations for the well drilling industry in Arizona.

One of Bill’s achievements involved spearheading the first groundwater flow model for a 5,000-square-mile area along the Grand Canyon’s South Rim. The study focused on projecting potential impacts to springs from proposed groundwater uses and required many years of coordinating with the public, federal and state agencies, academia, environmental groups, and five Native American tribes.