Water Quality & Alternative Supplies

Integrating brackish, impaired, and recycled water resources into supply portfolios


Not all end uses require high-quality water. M&A characterizes water sources to help clients meet both the quantity and quality requirements of their projects. In environments where supplies are limited, we match water quality to end use, often facilitating the utilization of brackish and impaired supplies for industrial and agricultural applications without treatment. In some cases, these nontraditional sources can become feasible alternatives for augmenting drinking water supplies through blending and/or treatment.


  • Identifying usable brackish and impaired groundwater supplies
  • Characterizing aquifer properties to estimate groundwater production
  • Investigating groundwater quality conditions and trends
  • Evaluating opportunities to integrate recycled water into water portfolios, including for groundwater replenishment
  • Designing wells and wellfields that optimize water quality to achieve end-use objectives
  • Providing permitting support for brine or other waste-management solutions