Water Resource Economics

Quantifying market / nonmarket impacts to support sound decision-making


M&A can assess the costs of acquiring water supplies and offer guidance on how to value water assets. We have experience valuing diverse water supplies based on physical, legal, regulatory, and other reliability factors for agricultural clients, environmental organizations, and public water providers. M&A also understands that contemporary water management may encompass quality-of-life considerations and stakeholder perceptions about environmental issues. We offer specialized experience in the challenging arena of characterizing both market and nonmarket impacts and the role of ecosystem services in supporting human health and wellbeing. The results of these investigations lead to more inclusive benefit-cost studies and offer the potential to guide decisions at multiple levels of governance.

To learn more about nonmarket and ecosystem studies, visit Matthew Weber’s page.


  • Water supply valuation
  • Water demand forecasting and water conservation programming
  • Recreation demand modeling and per-visitor-day values
  • Property value impact studies
  • Public surveys, including “willingness-to-pay” studies for water-related ecosystem services
  • Focus group studies