Water Conservation & Drought Planning

Conservation programs and demand forecasting for municipal providers


On the demand side, we quantify water use and assess trends to forecast future demand, often working closely with engineering partners; this information can also help identify the most cost-effective water conservation programs.  We evaluate hydrologic and meteorological conditions to assist with drought preparedness planning. To support planning decisions, we design interactive dashboards that allow users to project water demands and supplies under various scenarios and user-defined inputs. We also create web-based mapping portals to compile and display hydrologic data such as pumping quantities and water levels to support regional planning efforts. These and other tools support decision-making for a variety of audiences that may be in a position to approve a drought plan— the public, elected officials, and watershed planning groups.

Services include:

  • Compiling hydrologic data and defining triggers for drought preparedness plans
  • Assessing the impacts of drought and climate conditions on the availability and reliability of surface and groundwater supplies
  • Designing and evaluating the effectiveness of water conservation programs
  • Using scenario analysis to assess the impacts of changing demographics or hydrology on water demand
  • Developing custom dashboards with demand forecasts based on user-specified assumptions