Climate Change & Drought Planning

Water supply forecasting and environmental impact planning



With current climate change models projecting longer and more serious intense periods of drought in dry areas and wetter conditions in flood-prone regions, M&A has been incorporating climate change projections in our water supply and groundwater sustainability evaluations. Climate change will impact future groundwater demand, sustainability, and environmental conditions. Quantifying bookends on the range of future conditions based on climate change projections and applying aquifer “stress tests” from projected drought periods are two examples of how M&A incorporates climate projections into our work.

We quantify water use and assess trends to forecast future demand, often working closely with engineering partners; this information can also help identify the most appropriate plan to ensure water sustainability with minimizing impacts to the environment. We evaluate historical hydrologic and meteorological conditions and potential future changes to assist with water supply forecasting and environmental impact planning. To support planning decisions, we design interactive dashboards that allow users to project water demands and supplies under various scenarios and user-defined inputs, including climate-induced changes.

Services include:

  • Assessing the potential impacts of changing climate conditions on the availability and reliability of surface water and groundwater supplies
  • Compiling historical hydrologic data and simulating more accurate sustainability models in support of defining appropriate action levels for environmental impacts
  • Developing custom dashboards with demand forecasts based on user-specified assumptions to help ensure a sustainable water supply despite potential negative effects associated with climate change