M&A staff to present at MODFLOW 2011 conference

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Two M&A professionals — Mark Thomasson, Ph.D., and Derek Blazer — will be presenting at an upcoming conference, MODFLOW & More 2011. Held at the Colorado School of Mines campus in Golden from June 5–8, this event unites model users and developers from around the globe. In addition to MODFLOW, a modular code originally developed by the USGS in the early 1980s, the conference will feature presentations on many other models.

Derek Blazer’s paper is entitled “Development of a Coupled Pit-Dewatering and Post-Closure Lake-Development Model for Projections of Long-Term Mining Impacts.” Coauthors include Hale Barter (M&A), Bob Pennington (General Moly, Inc.), and Dwight Smith (InterFlow Hydrology, Inc.). It discusses a model M&A has developed as part of an EIS for a proposed molybdenum mine in Nevada.

Dr. Mark Thomasson will present a paper and a poster session. The poster session, “Challenges in Regional-Scale Numerical Modeling of a Fractured Bedrock Complex for the Collahuasi Mine Pit, Northern Chile, using Finite-Element Methods Combined with Parallel PEST,” will address a model that was constructed using FEFLOW and calibrated using PEST. Coauthors include Staffan Schorr (M&A), Lyle Davis (M&A), and Orlando Acosta (Compañía Minera Dona Inés de Collahuasi, SCM). In addition, Thomasson will present a paper with Stanley Leake of the USGS comparing the use of finite-difference and finite-element codes for simulating mine dewatering.

Thomasson and Blazer are both members of M&A’s Hydrologic Modeling group, which is one of the largest in the Southwestern U.S.