M&A staff speak at 25th Annual AHS Symposium

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Three M&A staff members — Bill Victor, Ed McGavok, and Jim Davis — are speaking at this year’s Arizona Hydrological Society Symposium. The event takes place September 18–21 in Phoenix at the Desert Willow Conference Center. The theme, “Confluences: 25 Years of Bringing Water, People, and Ideas Together,” will be explored through informative workshops, plenary sessions, technical sessions, and field trips. M&A is both a sponsor and exhibitor for the symposium.

Bill Victor’s talk, “Hualapai Valley Solar: An Effluent-Supported Solar Project that Never Happened,” chronicles how a project failed despite strong technical viability and initial regulatory approval.

Ed McGavock will present a talk entitled “Evolution of Groundwater Quality in the Southern Coconino Aquifer.” He will discuss flushing as a possible regional mechanism that accounts for the high-TDS, brackish, and saline waters of this region.

Jim Davis will speak on the “Effects of Dissolved Carbon Dioxide on Groundwater Quality and Wells in the Springerville Generating Station Area.”