M&A staff present at GRAC conference

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M&A staff attended the annual conference of the Groundwater Resources Association of California (GRAC), held September 28–29 in Concord. The conference, “2016: Groundwater Supply, Sustainability, and Quality: The Challenges Ahead,” focused on the information and tools that California needs to address ongoing drought and climate change, comply with the recently enacted Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA), and tackle ongoing and emerging water quality issues. Four M&A professionals presented at the conference:

  • Timothy Bayley (oral presentation): Groundwater Flow Modeling and Statistical Analysis of Potential Groundwater Pumping Impacts on a Perennial Stream in an Arid Watershed
  • Colin Kikuchi (oral presentation): Global Sensitivity Analysis of Land Surface Model Predictions to Model Parameters: An Applied Case Study in California’s Central Valley
  • Megan Zivic (poster): Using 3D Geologic Models for Regional Groundwater Resource Management
  • Jonathan Whittier (poster): Design and Modeling of Effluent Recharge and Recovery for Potable Reuse in Conjunction with Segregated Recharge and Recovery of Colorado River Water

With the recent opening of a new office in Sacramento, M&A is actively seeking new business in California related to SGMA.