M&A professionals to present at upcoming NGWA conference

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Three M&A staff members will be presenting papers at this year’s NGWA Groundwater Summit, which will be held in Denver, Colorado, April 24–27. The theme of this event is “Solving Groundwater Challenges through Research and Practice.”

Tim Bayley and Colin Kikuchi, members of our Hydrologic Modeling group, will be presenting two papers they coauthored with Dr. Ty Ferré of the University of Arizona / Hydrology & Water Resources. Both papers address issues related to reducing risk and uncertainty, and both offer innovative yet practical solutions to common water-resource problems. The first, “Decision-making under Uncertainty: A New Approach to Decision Making in a Multi-model Environment,” will be presented by Tim Bayley on April 25. Tim will outline an approach for using multiple models to reduce the risks associated with making water-resource and engineering decisions. The second, “What / Where / When to Measure? Systematic Planning and Design for Groundwater Sampling and Monitoring Networks” will be presented by Colin Kikuchi on April 27. Colin will discuss the benefits of data-worth analyses for reducing the uncertainty associated with conceptual and numerical modeling. (To learn more about data-worth analysis, see Colin’s December 2015 Hydro Note).

Daniel Weber, who manages our Denver branch office, will also be presenting a talk that recaps the methodology and results of work he has recently been conducting on brine resources in collaboration with M&A’s Mike Rosko and Jon Whittier. His talk, entitled “Characterizing Lithium Enriched Brines as Mineral Resources and Reserves,” will provide an overview of the challenges associated with quantifying this unique type of fluid mineral resource under industry guidelines such as NI 43-101. (To learn more about estimating brines, see Dan’s January 2016 Hydro Note).