M&A is part of recharge project team that is awarded national prize

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The Liberty Aquifer Replenishment Facility in Goodyear, Arizona was awarded Large Project of the Year by the WateReuse Association at its annual meeting in Phoenix.  This reclaimed water recharge facility was developed through a first-of-its-kind public/private partnership.  Partners are Liberty Utilities, a private water and wastewater utility that owns and operates the facilities, and the Central Arizona Water Conservation District, operator of the CAP canal.  CAP provides details on the deal here.

M&A began working on this project in 2010 to identify a suitable site for recharge of reclaimed water west of Phoenix, in collaboration with the project partners.  As the project hydrogeologist, M&A provided a range of hydrogeologic services to select the best site for the project, investigate recharge feasibility, support the facility’s design, and obtain the Underground Storage Facility and Aquifer Protection permits.  The permitting process presented considerable challenges because the area has many other recharge facilities, sensitive land uses, and potential contaminant sources, all of which could potentially result in unreasonable harm.  We needed to project groundwater level rise and thoroughly address issues associated with the Buckeye waterlogged area, Glendale Landfill, sand and gravel pits, existing recharge facilities, known environmental sites, and Luke Air Force Base, among others.

The 57-acre site currently includes 4 recharge basins (Phase 1) and will accommodate 3 additional basins (Phase 2) as additional reclaimed water becomes available.  The recharge facility is designed to eventually recharge up to 6,000 acre-feet per year of municipal reclaimed water.  The project design was completed by WestLand Resources.  Operations began in January 2017 and we continue to support operational monitoring of the facility.

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