M&A internal ownership transition ensures continuity in staff and core values

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Errol L. Montgomery & Associates, Inc., is pleased to announce a change that will secure the future of the company. On October 10, 2005, majority ownership was transferred from Dr. Errol Montgomery to the following 13 senior staff members, who were previously minority shareholders in the firm: Mark M. Cross, P.G. (President); Dennis H. Shirley, P.G. (Vice President); Michael J. Rosko, P.G.; Leslie T. Katz, P.G.; Hale W. Barter; Ronald H. DeWitt, P.G.; William R. Victor, P.G.; Dennis G. Hall, P.G.; Daniel S. Weber, P.G.; James. S. Davis, P.G.; Todd Keay, P.G.; Janis K. Blainer-Fleming; and Jeffrey J. Meyer.

In addition to ensuring the company’s longevity, this change will help M&A maintain seamless continuity in the services we provide to our clients. Most of the members of the shareholder group joined the firm within a few years of its inception in 1984. This group’s dedication to carrying on M&A’s longstanding tradition of technical excellence has only been strengthened through the recent ownership transition.

Most importantly, M&A’s founder Dr. Montgomery will remain deeply involved in project work — particularly in the expanding area of water supply and environmental support for South American mining operations. Our clients in the U.S. and abroad will continue to reap the benefits of his knowledge and experience, which spans more than 40 years.

Moving forward, M&A plans to continue solidifying its core strengths — groundwater supply, recharge, and environmental services — and developing innovative solutions to emerging technical challenges.