M&A grows to more than 60 staff members in 2006 and 2007

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The past few years have been an exciting time at M&A! We’ve hired more than 20 highly qualified professionals in 2006 and 2007, expanding our capabilities significantly. Two of these new hires — Juliet McKenna and Mark Meyers — have enabled us to offer services in the area of Water Resource Policy & Economics. Likewise, the addition of Jim Madole and Joel Peterson has jump-started our new water-resource engineering group. Lyle Davis now heads our office in Santiago, Chile.

Name, Degree Exp (yrs) Specialties
Tucson Office
Mark Thomasson, Ph.D., Hydrology 7 Flow and transport modeling of variably saturated, porous media
Daniel Guido, B.S., Forestry  & Environmental Science 5 Monitoring system instrumentation, watershed hydrology
Howard Grahn, M.S., Hydrology 25 Mining hydrolgeogy, subsurface instrumentation and monitoring
Staffan Schorr, M.S., Hydrology 8 Hydraulic continuity, modeling, watershed hydrology, GIS applications
Zack Guido, M.S., Geology 3 Climate change and water resources especially in developing nations
Juliet McKenna, M.S., Geology 12 Hydrogeology and water policy
Kate Duke, M.S., Earth & Planetary Science 7 Geochemistry / hydrogeology
Timothy Allen, M.S., Geology 30 Soil and groundwater remediation, basin stratigraphy
Mark Myers, MBA 25 Water policy and economics
Jeffrey Gawad*, B.S., Environmental Hydrology 4 Isotope hydrogeology
Greg Wallace, B.S. Geology 34 Hydrogeology and public agency administration
Scottsdale Office
Jim Madole, B.S., Chemical Engineering 27 Water, wastewater, and process engineering
Joel Peterson, M.S., Civil Engineering 25 Water treatment system design, remediation, and permitting
Limitada Office
Lyle Davis, M.S., Agricultural Engineering 25 Mining hydrogeology and hydrologic modeling
Nicolás Iturra 3 Geology / hydrology
Max Chávez 1.5 Geology
Luis Gomez 1 Geology
Belen Varela 1 Geology
Bernardo Capino 10 Engineering / hydrology
Alvaro Henríquez 3 Geology / hydrology
Pedro Pizarro 15 Geology
Antonio Ormeño 1 Geology
Cristian Avilas 3 Geology
Fernanda Rojas 19 Geology / hydrology