M&A authors present paper at Water in Mining 2010 Conference in Santiago, Chile

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WIM is one of the western hemisphere’s premier conferences on water-management issues facing the mining industry. This year’s conference, held from June 9–11, featured a slate of 50 speakers in two concurrent sessions. The presenters included highly qualified experts, academics, and consultants who are not only engaged in best practices but who also apply new technologies in the mining field. We presented a paper entitled “Hydrogeologic Conceptual Model for the Collahuasi Mine Area, Chile,” which was coauthored by various staff from M&A’s Tucson and Santiago offices: Mark J. Thomasson / Staffan W. Schorr (M&A, USA) and Lyle A. Davis / Michael J. Rosko ( M & A, Chile). Authors also included Orlando J. Acosta (Cía Minera Doña Inés de Collahuasi, Chile).