Derek Blazer, P.G., Hydrogeologist / Principal

areas of specialization conceptual model development, groundwater flow and solute-transport modeling

Derek Blazer, a senior member of our Hydrologic Modeling team, has nearly two decades of experience conducting hydrogeologic and numerical modeling analyses. In addition to developing groundwater flow and solute transport models, he uses GIS tools to create hydrogeologic databases and evaluate water resource issues. He has applied his experience using a wide range of numerical modeling and solute-transport codes to various types of projects: mine dewatering, feasibility, and EIS analyses; groundwater availability assessments; and remedial design projects.

In recent years, Derek has developed models to support 5-Year Review and capture-zone analyses for several Superfund sites, assess the migration of seepage from tailings impoundment, and predict the impacts of pumping at proposed wellfields. He is knowledgeable in a variety of numerical groundwater modeling codes, including MODFLOW, MODFLOW-SURFACT, PEST, HYDRUS 1-D/2-D, MT3D, RT3D, MODPATH, FEFLOW, and PATH3D.

A registered geologist in California, Derek frequently mentors junior-level staff in the use of PEST and other modeling codes.