Announcing two new service areas

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M&A is now offering two new service areas — Water Resource Policy & Economics and Water Resource Engineering — to better serve our clients.

Water Policy & Economics

In Arizona and other arid areas, planning and capital investment decisions for many businesses are critically linked to the availability of sustainable water resources. Those looking to develop water supplies face not only the physical constraints dictated by hydrogeologic conditions but also constraints imposed by water policy and economics. Now M&A offers a more comprehensive, holistic approach to developing and managing water resources. Our new Water Resource Policy & Economics Division gives us the ability to help clients navigate the increasingly complex set of issues that impact long-term investments in water infrastructure. M&A’s Mark Myers and Juliet McKenna bring nearly 40 years of combined experience to clients utilizing this new service area.

Water Resource Engineering

In areas where supplies are scarce, incorporating sources with water quality constraints has become an increasingly important way to help meet demands. Whether water quality issues reflect natural conditions or impacts from human activities, effective treatment solutions are critical to the economic viability of a wide range of operations, including power generation facilities, wastewater treatment plants, and industrial manufacturing operations. Ideally, these solutions not only treat water in accordance with its intended end use, but they also minimize the generation of liquid wastes. M&A’s new Water Resource Engineering Division gives us the ability to help clients integrate a wide range of water sources into their supply portfolio by providing targeted treatment solutions. The Division is led by Jim Madole and Joel Peterson, seasoned professionals with more than 50 years of combined experience.